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“Are you trapped in a rocky relationship with the typical lump-sum payments for website design? At Hatched Designs, I’m dedicated to bringing your ideas to life! My passion and expertise are devoted to helping others achieve their dream websites.

As a fellow business owner, I understand the importance of reasonable and competitive pricing. Every dollar you invest is valuable, and I respect the financial commitment you’re making. However, I recognise that paying a large lump sum upfront can be a hurdle to getting your website off the ground.

No need to fret any longer. We now offer convenient payment plans to kickstart the website design process—without the financial strain of a lump sum payment.

No complicated instructions, no hidden fees, no surprises! You only need to make a small deposit to initiate the project. The remaining balance will then be divided into 6 or 12 monthly payments.

How our website design payment plan works

  1. We require a 20% deposit upfront
  2. You agree to transfer the remaining balance monthly via direct debit.
  3. Once we finish the website development and your website goes live, we’ll give you restricted access.
  4. Once the payments are fully paid, we’ll be more than happy to grant you complete access.

Details to Note:


A fee of 7.5% for our website payment plan is charged to every client.

Until full payment is made:

  • Hatched Designs has complete website ownership.
  • The customer is allowed only limited access to the completed website.
  • If the customer needs any other updates apart from the agreed scope, it will have to be done by Hatched Designs which will be billed separately.
  • If the website payment plan fails to be followed, and the customer is delayed in paying within 30 days, Hatched Designs will hold your website offline until the balance is fully paid.

Early Payout

Your situation might change. If you decide that you’d like to end the website payment plan early, there will be no early payout fees. All you have to do is let us know before the next installment rolls over. We’ll simply adjust the payment and let you know the final payout figure.

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