Website monthly retainer

Looking for a smart way to manage your website needs while saving money? Dive into my monthly retainer packages, meticulously tailored to put your requirements front and center. With these retainers, it’s all about you, and you’ll receive 100% personalised support.

You can allocate your hours to various tasks like website edits, design enhancements, crafting new pages, writing engaging blog posts, or updating product listings – essentially, anything that suits your needs. What sweetens the deal even further? You’ll benefit from these services at a reduced hourly rate, making it an opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Booking ahead is a money-saving strategy that empowers you to plan how you’d like to utilize your hours effectively. This isn’t a one-time arrangement; you have the flexibility to spread your hours throughout the month. You’re in control of your schedule, and I’ll keep you informed about your remaining hours. Whatever approach works best for you, I’ll make it happen!

Your retainer plan will be automatically renewed each month, ensuring ongoing support.

website retainer packages

WordPress Monthly Retainer Packages


Save on hourly costs by booking me ahead of time.
  • 10% discount



Save on hourly costs by booking me ahead of time.

  • 15% discount



Save on hourly costs by booking me ahead of time.

  • 20% discount

Disclaimer: New websites, web applications, installation, or setups are not included in the monthly retainer unless agreed upon. Services such as website audits, website speed optimisation or SEO services are excluded. Separate purchases of services not included in the plan are allowed. Billing is due at the beginning of each month. Unconsumed contracted hours are not subject to accrual in the ensuing months. 3 months minimum sign up period.

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